Destiny 2 Community Comes Together To Save New Players

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Jan 12, 2022
Destiny 2 Community Comes Together To Save New Players

You can never get bored in Destiny 2, as the game has an expansive list of missions. But lately, new players have been experiencing troubles when the game automatically threw them into the Dares of Eternity event because the location required a good set of skills the newbies possibly couldn’t have. Don’t get worried though, because veteran players have come to the rescue.

Dares of Eternity came with an expansion pack that was launched in November along with a big update celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Bungie. The problem is that new players start at a power level of 1,000, but this location requires from them at least 1,150. Moreover, there you can meet tough Champions and dangerous enemies with hard to brake shields, which only complicates the start of the game.

New players have turned to the Reddit community of the game, saying that this location feels like a whole hell to them. After that, some veteran players have decided to seek out the beginners and drag them through this painful location. This ‘quest’ was named “The Rescue” resonating with its honorary goal.

This was achieved by high-level players bringing their level closer to 1,000 by re-equipping their old gear and using a zero power mask from the previous Festival of the Lost event. Because of this, they are more likely to get sent into the same team as some newcomers, who are spawned into the Dares of Eternity.

It is surely very nice to see the whole community unite to save the new players. It shows how caring Destiny 2 players are for their tasks and surroundings. Hopefully, the developers will soon fix this re-appearing problem that was terrorizing the beginners for quite some time.

Have you encountered this location yourself? How do you think Bungie will deal with the problem? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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