Chrome Adds a Confirmation Message for When You Try to Close All Tabs

  • Julia Coldlake
  • Jan 31, 2022
Chrome Adds a Confirmation Message for When You Try to Close All Tabs

Everyone knows that tabs on the phone and computer seem to accumulate at a rapid pace and it seems that you cannot close anything, as all of them are important. It is not uncommon for users to just get frustrated with the millions of open tabs and just close them all at once without even looking at what is there. This can definitely feel like a relief, but it can also be quite a rush decision. To make sure that you don’t close everything on accident or you get a moment to think, Google decided to add a new notification pop-up when you try to close all tabs.

It is quite surprising that this feature was not added to the browser years ago, considering that it lets you collect so many tabs. You probably already know what it’s like to close all tabs when it turns out that you have the important information there for your work or studies. This is undoubtedly something we would rather avoid, which is why this new feature is a welcome addition.

At the moment, you can access Chrome 100 in the Canary channel and enable the confirmation pop-up there. According to Techdows, if you already use the Canary channel, you can simply go to chrome://flags and find ‘Close all tabs modal dialog.’ In this menu, you can activate the feature, so every time you try to close all tabs you will be asked whether you are sure that this is something you can do. This function will surely prevent a lot of accidental deleting. It is especially common for users to delete their tabs while doing a cleanup of their devices and it can come as an unpleasant surprise to discover that you have none of them left.

To have this feature on your device, you should install the latest version of Chrome Canary.

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