Chinese Professor Rolls for Hu Tao

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Dec 06, 2021
Chinese Professor Rolls for Hu Tao

Genshin Impact fans couldn’t hold their emotions in one Chinese classroom while their professor was helping a student to get Hu Tao, the rear character. The miHoYo’s popular game turned the attention of everyone in the class when the student asked his professor to roll for Hu Tao. The video of this event blew up the Chinese YouTube version BiliBili.

The student filmed the video and posted it on November 13, only 10 days ahead of the last chance to get Hu Tao in Genshin Impact. Meanwhile, we ask everyone who has not received the best fighter in the game not to be upset, since the chance is that miHoYo will open the possibility again, considering the popularity among players. While she has the strongest DPS in the game, Genshin developers somehow decided to cut the time when players can get her. You could receive Hu Tao only for 3 weeks. Considering that you have to make a roll, you had only 0.6 percent to get Hu Tao among other characters.

The student Harry did not want to try his luck and asked the professor to roll gacha for him. Professor used a projector screen and made 10 rolls in front of the class. He immediately received a gold wishing star, and students began to scream Hu Tao’s name, which might seem bizarre for anyone who passed the class and did not know about Genshin Impact. The thing is Hu Tao in the Chinese language means “walnut.”

While over 30 students were screaming “walnut” with excitement, the professor was slightly confused. The first characters that appeared were Rosaria and Sayu. Unfortunately, the five-star character was Keqing, not Hu Tao. Although Keqing is less rare and has a 50 percent chance to appear during the first roll, the character is still powerful enough.

Which character is your favorite in Genshin Impact? Have you ever played Hu Tao? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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