Anonymous Messaging Gets Banned in Snapchat

  • Jannet Bside
  • Mar 21, 2022
Anonymous Messaging Gets Banned in Snapchat

A lawsuit and a prolonged period of criticism have finally caused Snapchat to adopt a different attitude to its security policy. The instant messaging platform has announced a ban on anonymous messaging using third-party apps. This means people who have been using Snapchat’s integration with a range of software products won’t be able to message you without disclosing their identity. Let’s look into the background of this issue to understand why this decision has become necessary.

The news first became known from Snapchat’s blog post covering a series of changes. The post reads that those are in the community’s best interest and consistent with the messenger’s mission of enabling people to maintain friendships that exist in real life. It’s important to note that Snapchat hasn’t banned communication via third-party messengers so far. Instead, it has become for users relying on such apps to have registered usernames and have a visible identity as they approach a Snapchat user. The post states that anonymous apps generally pose a risk of abuse when integrated with Snapchat, even with precautions in place.

This is only part of the new restrictions announced. Additionally, all third-party friend-finding apps are now required to involve age-gating so that only Snapchatters aged over 18 can be accessed. According to the post, the company believes most people to have been using the anonymity feature in fun and safe ways but finds it necessary to take further precautions against harassment and cyberbullying.

The ban is likely a response to last year’s lawsuit regarding the death of a teenager following bullying via Snapchat-integrated anonymous apps. Do you feel like the new policy will make the app a safer place? Post your opinion in the comments.

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