Animal Crossing Won’t Become Lego

  • Ricardo Olmeca
  • Oct 18, 2021
Animal Crossing Won’t Become Lego

Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Among Us won’t join the plastic Lego ranks. Sadly, the ideas got discarded by the Danish toy company

From January to May 2021, Lego launched an interesting campaign. Fans of the construction toy could leave a vote for a potential toy set idea proposed by regular people.

As the conditions stated, 10,000 votes would automatically translate into victory and the triumphant idea would see the light in a Lego incarnation.

Among the leading concepts proposed was the adaptation of Legend o Zelda, Among Us map, and Animal Crossing, Metroid, and some other game-inspired sets. Even though some submissions were met with nearly ecstatic enthusiasm from the fan crowd, Lego abruptly discarded every video game-based idea. So, none of the concepts will hit the store shelves, except for two. Not at least in the near future.

The bitter decision is dictated by a bunch of reasons, as Lego Model Designer Laura Perron said. According to her, the idea department has to consider a lot of factors: currently developed projects, toys already available for sale, and of course licensing difficulties — every company that holds rights to a certain franchise wants a cut as big as possible.

The winners in the contest are two sets. One will be based on the Office TV series. Another represents a classy jazz quartet.

At the moment, Lego also struggles with a set based on Snow White. The previewed project steadily receives fan support, racking up 10,000 upvotes. However, the concept has been repeatedly reviewed, and each time the review board seems to find some flaws that make it too undercooked for mass production. It is expected that the set may debut in 2022.

Sally, we won’t see Zelda’s universe reincarnated in the Lego aesthetic anytime soon. Which game would you love to adapt as Lego? Let us know in the comments!

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