Amazon Game New World Update

  • Nelly Jackson
  • Oct 04, 2021
Amazon Game New World Update

New World is an MMO Amazon game that was released at the end of September. A few days after the launch, players faced wait time issues while joining a server. Like with most other games in this genre, you get into the queue before you start playing. The number of New World players has been constantly increasing. As a result, there were so many people on the servers that the wait time was extended several times.

Amazon reported earlier that they were working on a transfer feature, and it would be released very soon. But it seems that users should wait a little more because this function needs to be tested accurately. However, Amazon developers don’t sit still. Amazon confirmed that the number of available services increased two times. They also want to make the population cup bigger, and they’re working on this feature at the moment.

In addition, there are some goodies for the newcomers. Amazon said, “If you are a player logging in for the first time, forty percent of our live servers have low or no wait times. We encourage you to seek those servers out and get playing.” Developers also say that the transfer feature, which will be launched in the future, will allow your character to change the server even if you have already started the game.

About a million people tried playing New World when it was launched on September 28. Every day, this number is increasing. Amazon said that it would make a free transfer feature between services for two weeks, but they are still working on this update. The increase in services number helped to solve an issue with the wait time a little. But the game still needs some improvements at this point. Do you think a transfer feature will help the platform? Have you tried playing New World? Please, leave your comments in the section below.

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