Accessibility Feature Tags Appear in Microsoft Store

  • Julia Coldlake
  • Oct 06, 2021
Accessibility Feature Tags Appear in Microsoft Store

How do you find the accessibility feature tags in Microsoft Store? Recently, the provider has added this innovation to allow players to estimate the requirements for the game, and only then decide whether to download it or not. For instance, a person needs subtitles to the game because they speak another language. The accessibility feature tag is what will show you whether the game has subtitles or not. It can also be noted which games are single-stick or which games allow using the full keyboard.

The reason for such innovation is a desire to make the experience of using Microsoft Store more efficient and easier. Now players can find the games they prefer faster by applying the needed tags. Some of the users can't enjoy the game with standard wireless controllers fully. Microsoft focuses now on accessibility tags, especially for the Xbox games. They include the Xbox Adaptive Controller for more pleasant gaming and easier control. Some other tags are coming soon, and the provider plans to increase their list.

Microsoft doesn't choose random tags for this feature. The company did research to provide the best experience or accessibility tags feature and made a questionnaire for the players. Right now, the 20 most popular tags are ready. Microsoft will add new ones based on the user's feedback. There is no accurate release date for this feature. It seems to be coming in a few months or less.

Users will be able to try it on the PC Xbox app, Xbox Game Pass, and on the website. The full list of tags is not announced now, and it may increase according to the newest updates of the Microsoft research. Do you think this feature will be useful? What other tags would you prefer to see? Please, leave your comments in the section below.

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