Ravenfield Riviews

You know, the guys in his childhood/adolescence have a habit to gather in groups of two or three people, forming sustainable social elements. And in these groups, there are one or two fun team. Often these amusements we call “childhood games”, and Battlefield 2 for me is just such a game. So when I learned

L.A. Noire Review

The alluring world of L.A. Noire, driven by film noire classics and gritty crime fiction, is as compelling as it is confronting. The game’s main protagonist in Cole Phelps, a World War II veteran who will work his way up the ranks of the LAPD throughout the game, is the perfect hard-hitting and direct character

Virtua Tennis 4 Review

Good ol’ Virtua Tennis, the arcade sports series from SEGA that seems to never grow old. Whether it be the accessible and addictive control mechanics or the deep RPG elements of the World Tour mode, one thing’s for certain: Virtua Tennis is the definitive arcade sports series. With Virtua Tennis 4 we get arguably the

Top Spin 4 Review

Tennis video games in the past have tried and failed to accurately capture the atmospheric tension of an actual tennis match. The eerie silence as the crowd hushes during play adds to the real-life spectacle that is the sport of gentlemen. The ever-popular and accessible Virtua Tennis series has never wanted to be taken seriously

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Review

Test Drive Unlimited 2 was a great idea in theory; an always-online racer that allowed you to live a life of luxury with an open world to explore. A lot of things are good in theory, but unfortunately, Test Drive Unlimited 2 fails to deliver the compelling racing experience it set out to achieve. What

Shaun White Skateboarding Review

While Shaun White’s first foray into video games with Shaun White Snowboarding was a decent effort, his second outing fails amid a hoard of design errors and unoriginal gameplay mechanics. Shaun White Skateboarding might show small signs of life early on, and diehard fans of the red-headed extreme sports star might be able to cling

Operation Flashpoint: Red River Review

Operation Flashpoint has a long standing reputation of delivering a brutal experience, all in an attempt to capture the true nature of modern warfare. Standing up in a genre that is spearheaded by the unmovable Call of Duty, is there still a place for this hardened series? Building on the mechanics established in previous iterations

Razer Onza Review

Razer are known for their high quality peripherals in the PC world but are now throwing their hat into the console ring with the Onza, a high quality, tournament ready Xbox 360 controller. How does it hold up? Check our video review below, or continue reading for more details. The Onza is a swanky controller;

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Review

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes blends wonderful puzzle gameplay with refreshing role-playing elements. Although others in the genre tend to borrow a little too much from Bejeweled, Clash of Heroes branches off to become its own game, thanks to the originality of the mechanics and overall depth of the experience. Might & Magic: Clash

Mass Effect: The Arrival Review

With The Arrival, gamers are finally getting a complete ending for Mass Effect 2. This bittersweet ending to a superb game comes as hype for the upcoming Mass Effect 3 builds up, and this strong conclusion does a wonderful job of leading us into what we already know about the third game in the series.

Homefront Review

The first-person shooter genre is in a lot of trouble right now. With the never-ending success of the Call Of Duty series, we are seeing an influx of uninspired shooters riding the coat tails of the modern warfare hype train. While most fall flat on their face, Homefront is a special case that shows there

Fable III Review

The artistic world of Albion in Fable III is unmatched, a fusion of uncanny landscapes with chirpy forests and a jubilant soundtrack. This is a title that invites you into its world like a Disney movie, introducing you to a number of memorable characters that help expand your adventure through the mystical world. Yet, while

Def Jam Rapstar Review

There definitely isn’t a shortage of karaoke games on the market for console gamers. From Singstar to U-SING and even the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series’, there are plenty of great party titles out there to get your vocal cords chirping and your neighbors cursing. While there’s an abundance of pop and rock karaoke

Dance Central Review

Dance Central is probably the best dancing game I’ve ever played. That might not be saying much, but it’s the first full-body music game I’ve ever experienced, one that encourages you to get on your feet and moving. Dance Central is the future of dancing games, with Harmonix (of Rock Band and Guitar Hero fame)

Black Ops – What Treyarch Got Wrong

Unbalanced Maps It’s no secret that certain modes in Black Ops are essentially unplayable on particular maps. The design of some maps makes certain modes dull and lifeless, due to the lack of a central location where most of the action can take place. Free-For-All junkies can go minutes on end without coming across a

Apache: Air Assault Review

I quite enjoy any game that has you taking to the sky. Apache: Air Assault does just that. After countless hours watching soldiers transported by chopper in cut-scenes of late, it’s finally time to control the bird. What Apache: Air Assault Got Right Realistic enough for pros – While I have ambitions of one day

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Review

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved in the best fitness game I’ve ever played. It’s not a gimmick, it’s a genuine fitness program that has the potential to revolutionise home fitness. While it hasn’t been perfected yet, and isn’t a replacement for the gym, it’s the next best thing and the leader in home fitness games. It’s